A Message from the Chairman

Since its formation ten years ago COC Limited as a company has had some very firm views  in relation to its activities to preserve and protect Lithgow’s unique industrial and rail heritage. Our approach to preservation together with a strong plan and vision supports the developments that we would like to bring to fruition for Lithgow and the surrounding region. Whilst our Company is not widely publicized or for that matter widely reported our various projects certainly are.

The Company’s business philosophy is one based on that of mutual respect and working together to develop a common goal. In working with other not-for-profit organizations, Local, State and Federal government departments we seek to provide a mutual benefit from them, whether it be financial or professional: whilst with the commercial sector, we respect that time is money, and we understand their role and function, but aim to develop and maintain open and constructive relationships with benefits that can flow mutually to all parties.

We are very keen to complete our goals we have set and get on with the job we have started, our drive and passion towards our community in relation to our heritage is second to none and we look to the next ten years to fully develop the projects we have started as well as the new ones that are yet to be pursued.